About the Artist

Ariana is a self-taught artist originally from the bay area in Northern California. While attending business school at ASU she discovered her passion for acrylic and oil painting. What started as a hobby to relieve stress, quickly grew into a profound affection for expressing the human experience through art, especially as a young woman.

Ariana's paintings capture the complexity of relationships and emotions between people, often focusing on themes of love and loss or nostalgia for past experiences. She paints with bold colors, intricate details, and textures that blend together to create rich compositions that invite viewers into the stories she tells through her artwork.

  • Weddings

  • Childhood moments

  • Birthdays

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Fioré Series

'Bloom' original painting
Sold out

The Fioré Series combines Ariana's two favorite themes to paint; the raw features of the female figure and the natural beauty of floral designs. Each Fioré girl aims to embody two of life's most pristine works of art.

Landscape Series

'Surreal Sky' original painting
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Starting with landscape paintings in the early stages of her career; Ariana was able to develop her skill in conveying the intricacies of light and shadows found in nature. Doing so, allows her to construct more elaborate and complex versions of what nature already offers.

Fabstract Series

'Holo Madness' original painting

The Fabstract series is a new and growing collection of pieces that showcase the female figure with a playful variety of abstract concepts.

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  • @jen_nicole33

    "I am the honored one!!! You're art should be seen by the masses. You're so incredibly talented."

  • @kaleadelany

    "It's seriously SO stunning. I love this shade of blue, too!!!! wow it's so beautiful thank you so much. I love what you did with the metallic and the sparkles."

  • @kelseaajh

    "Omg. You are creating everything I imagined x10!! Your art speaks to me so much. You have a lifetime supporter in me."

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  • Ryan H.

    "This is still my favorite piece. It found it's home in my office. Vibrant colors are good for the soul."

  • @emilysvlisbury

    "I love it! It matches my comforter perfectly!!!!! I'm so excited, thank you so much!"

  • Michelle F.

    "Yay!!!! So beautiful!! You have major talent!! I love everything you do! Can't wait to display my new art!"

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